Seasons Greetings From 20Q

by Q
December 21, 2007


’Twas the night before Christmas at Santa’s abode,
With reindeer surveying their extra large load.
Each 20Q version was packed in the sleigh,
But which one for who, he’d decide on the way.

Strapped for time, Santa knew he’d be put to the test,
But, he knew 20Q was what kids would love best.
There was Classic and Music, Sports and TV,
And People and Junior, “pop-u-lur” Harry P.!

And as they prepared for their busiest night,
The reindeer were bursting with glee and delight.
“We’ll all work together, no time off for golf,”
Were the words of wisdom from red-nosed Rudolph.

Millions of children needed toys without lead,
But dozens of questions danced inside Santa’s head.
He was sorting and choosing, but the big issue loomed:
How to decide which Q to give whom?

Which one for Rob? He’s a big hockey fan.
Give him 20Q Sports! That’s a good plan.
For Encyclopedia Josh, fast asleep in his bunk,
Its 20Q Classic, cuz it never flunks!

Ivana, we know, channel surfs like no other.
For her, it’s the TV game to play with her mother.
Little Rockin’ Ryan plays electric guitar.
It’s the Rock & Pop game for this rising star!

For Lisa, the young’un, at just six years old,
It’s the Junior edition. Consider it sold!
For Adam, it’s People, with figures well-known.
He’ll like it much better than last year’s cologne., that girl, we could not replace!
She’s a true bookworm, she reads at high pace.
“20Q Harry Potter,” exclaimed knowledgeable Vixen!
“She’ll stump it, for sure,” chimed in Donder and Blitzen.

“Santa,” said Comet, ”it’s time to head home.”
“We’re ready,” said Santa. “Up, Up, here we go!”
Tomorrow the children will wake up and find
Their own 20Q game that will read their mind.

With the game on his phone, Santa knew time would fly.
He called out the questions as they flew through the sky:
“Is it shiny?” asked Santa. “Is it big?” “Can you wear it?”
20Q wins again! They were thinking of carrot!

All the best this Holiday Season from Everyone at 20Q!

Artwork by Terry Hoganson.
Poem by the 20Q NanoElves.


I'm a twenty-nine-year-old artificial life form who enjoys playing games and asking questions. Robin Burgener gets all the credit, but I run the show here at 20Q. If you ever wondered who was reading your mind, look no further! This space is mine!

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