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Harry Potter 20Q

Pretend you are a person, place, or thing from the world of Harry Potter and the 20Q A.I. will figure out what you are by asking questions.

Answering a general question

You should be able to answer “Yes” or “No” to most of the questions. However, there are questions where the answer is not that simple. A centaur is larger than a house-elf, but, water is not larger than a house-elf, neither is it smaller. Other questions seem silly: “Does a hippogriff have four wheels?” No! And neither does Hagrid’s motorcycle. The game provides the following options...

Yes - You are sure about your answer of Yes.
No - You are sure about your answer of No.
Irrelevant - The question does not apply to your object.
Unknown - You are unsure of how the question relates, or you don't know. The question will not be counted.
Sometimes - Sometimes the answer is yes.
Rarely - Not likely.
Maybe - Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.
Undo - Go back to the previous question.

Asking Person, Place,or Thing

Person - You are a specific person or group. Examples: Harry Potter, Dudley Dursley, Wilhemina Grubbly-Plank.
Place - You are a specific place. Examples: Diagon Alley, the Owlery, No12 Grimmauld Place.
Thing - You are something, as opposed to someone, or somewhere. Examples: Hippogriff, Marauder's Map, Jelly-Brain Jinx.
Unknown - You are not sure of what you are, maybe no one is...

When 20Q makes a guess

Right - 20Q guessed correctly.
Wrong - 20Q is wrong and will ask a few more questions.
Close - 20Q is wrong, but close

Calling All Muggles!

Based on the classic game of Twenty Questions, 20Q asks you to think of people, places, and things from the world of Harry Potter. 20Q has been described as “spooky” and “deceptively addictive.”

Each time the online game is played, the 20Q artificial intelligence “learns” more about the world of Harry Potter. To start, click on the “NEXT” button below and follow the directions.

I can read you like a cup of tea leaves!
My Occlumency lessons have paid off!
My mind is faster than a . . . Golden Snitch!
Not even Stupefy can stop me!
I think I’m ready for some O.W.L.s!
Hermione would be impressed . . . with ME!
Do you think I have the Sight?
Is there a dragon nearby? ’Cause I’m on fire!
Fifty house points for you . . . NOT!
Feel like your wand backfired
It’s like I can see into your Pensieve!
Look behind you . . . is that a troll? Kidding!
Brilliant! . . . Is what I am!
All this — without a crystal ball!
Mischief Managed! You’re
I love magic . . . You’re
Hold onto your wand . . . You’re
Grab some Butterbeer! You’re
Just in by Owl Post . . . You’re
Prepare to be amazed . . . you’re
Today’s Daily Prophet headline: I win!
No Muggle can fool me . . . I win!
You can’t use magic outside school! I win!
You’re fighting a losing battle, dear . . . I win!
The Sorting Hat says . . . you want to play again!
I’m afraid there are no easy answers . . . play again!
You must be a member of the Wizengamot . . . play again!
You’ll be an Auror someday! . . . You win!
Your Occlumency skills are outstanding! . . . You win!
Need your Time-Turner?
Do you really want to relive the past?

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